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Hollander Mustang Manual: 1965-1973

ISBN: 1-58132-004-3
Format: 1 volume, 250 pages
Coverage: 1965 - 1973
Illustrations: 40+ illustrations
Model: Mustang

Keep Your Mustang in Mint Condition

Want to keep your Mustang running in mint condition but can't find the original replacement parts? ADP Hollander's Hollander Mustang Manual: 1965 - 1973 solves the problem.

Designed for collectors, repairers and restorers, this specialized muscle manual lists interchangeable part information on most Mustangs made between 1965 - 1973. It puts a stop to dead-end part searches and high-priced replacements. This book saves you time, hassle and money.

The Hollander Mustang Manual: 1965 - 1973 makes part identifications a snap with enhanced images of wheels, wheel covers and front ends. It includes a handy part type chart for quick reference. It even shows you how to use the Hollander Interchange to identify the full range of original replacement part options.

The Hollander Interchange gives your more choices. The Hollander Mustang Manual: 1965 - 1973 can tell you that:

  • The alternator from a 1987 Ford Pickup fits the alternator from a 1965 Mustang.
  • The carrier assembly from a 1979 Ford LTD II interchanges with a 1968 Mustang.
  • The torque converter in a 1981 Mercury interchanges with a 1969 Mustang.

Use the Hollander Mustang Manual: 1965 - 1973 to:

  • Save time and money on replacement parts by knowing all the interchangeable options available.
  • Track down hard-to-find original wheels and wheel covers.
  • Verify bumpers, grilles, hoods and headlights, using front end images.
  • Check part specifications on any Mustang made between 1965 - 1973.
  • Identify exactly the right part to keep your car in original condition by accessing detail-rich listings and Hollander Interchange numbers.

The Hollander Mustang Manual: 1965 - 1973 is standard equipment for every Mustang owner. Use it to identify exactly the parts you need, at a price you can afford, in a fraction of the time. It's a small investment with a big payoff. Order yours today.