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Hollander Classic Vehicle Identifier Manual

ISBN: 1-882437-83-7
Format: 1 volume, 328 pages
Coverage: 1960-1989
Illustrations: none
Model: Foreign, Domestic

End Restoration Hassles with the Hollander Classic Vehicle Identifier Manual

Restoring your classic vehicle's original identify can sometimes turn you into a detective. Lost parts, excessive damage or undocumented modifications can make it difficult, if not impossible, to accurately restore your vehicle to its original condition.

That's where the Hollander Classic Vehicle Identifier Manual can help. It focuses on the complete vehicle, streamlining your restoration efforts, and quickly ending frustrating searches for data. It contains critical material to help you cross-reference production year, make and model with appropriate body style, engine, transmission and option details.

Every identification number on your vehicle contains a wealth of information. For instance:

  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of a 1975 Ford Comet denotes that the vehicle has an 8-302 engine
  • The GM Fisher body code for a 1973 Cadillac shows whether the model was a "Fleetwood" or "Brougham make
  • The year-to-model crossover chart for a 1972 Toyota Celica details that the transmission was available as a 4 or 5-speed manual.

and much more.

Determining your vehicle's original identity not only speeds your restoration efforts, but can also dramatically increase the value of your classic car. For example, having an original engine can raise a classic vehicle's value as much as 30 percent.

The Hollander Classic Vehicle Identifier Manual covers domestic models from 1960-1989, and foreign models from 1965-1989. Coverage includes:

  • VIN decoders
  • Model and serial number decoders
  • Year-to-model crossover charts for all manufacturers
  • Truck and truck body identification
  • Ford Motor Company certification plate decoders
  • GM Fisher body codes

The manual's user-friendly format also includes helpful measurement charts and illustrations for each section.

Restore your vehicle the smart way — with the comprehensive information in the Hollander Classic Vehicle Identifier Manual. Order yours today!