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Hollander Classic Parts Identifier Manual

ISBN: 1-882437-84-5
Format: 1 volume, 438 pages
Coverage: 1960 - 1989
Illustrations: none
Model: Foreign, Domestic

Add Value to Your Restoration Efforts with the Hollander Classic Parts Identifier Manual

Restoring your classic vehicle to original condition can be a tedious process. Lost parts, excessive damage or undocumented modifications can make it difficult, if not impossible, to accurately fill in the blanks in your vehicle's history.

That's where the Hollander Classic Parts Identifier Manual can help. This handy resource contains the critical information you need on exactly how your vehicle was supplied at its manufacture, from individual mechanical parts to accessories, options and paint colors.

Restoring your classic car can dramatically increase its value. Vehicles with original parts, options, trim, paint type and color are usually worth more.

Every identification number on your vehicle contains a wealth of information. For instance:

  • The option codes for GM vehicles indicate the original paint colors, type of wheels, interior and exterior ornamentation, radiator types and more
  • The engine identification number shows engine type, engine displacement, shift built, date built, and non-standard engine options
  • The transmission identification number details the original engine for the vehicle, and other interchangeable options

and much more.

The Hollander Classic Parts Identifier Manual covers domestic models from 1960-1989, and foreign models from 1965-1989. Coverage includes:

  • Engine applications and identification
  • Transmission identification
  • Carrier assembly identification
  • Axle ratio charts and identification
  • GM option codes

The manual's user-friendly format also includes helpful measurement charts and illustrations for each section.

End your restoration hassles - arm yourself with the comprehensive information you need today in the Hollander Classic Parts Identifier Manual. Order yours today!