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Hollander Electronic Book - Version 3.10 - New Users Complete

Format: DVD-ROM
Coverage: Hollander Interchange 1965-2015, Wheel and Wheel Cover Images 1965-2015, Front End Images 1980-2015
Illustrations: 15,000+ wheel and wheel cover photos, 10,900+ front end images
Model: Foreign, Domestic, Cars & Light Trucks 1965-2015

40+ Years of Hollander Advantages at Your Fingertips!

The secret to selling more high-value, late model parts is the Hollander Interchange Manual, the definitive source for accurate, up-to-date information on interchangeable parts since 1934. The Hollander Electronic book gives you all this, and advantages only a computerized tool could offer. Easily installed on your office computer, the Hollander Electronic Book gives you the fastest possible access to parts data plus over 40 years of Hollander Interchange and twice the coverage of printed manuals. The Hollander Electronic Book is a superior tool that can help boost your profits and keep that competitive edge!

NEW! Interchange coverage added for 6 additional part types back to model year 2000!
Identify and sell more parts than ever with v3.10! Coverage has been added for 6 more part types which help you make even more money off your vehicles: Exterior Door Handles, Rear Bumper Cover, Front Console, Sun Visors, Suspension Compressor Pumps, and Engine Fuse Boxes.
  • Easy and Efficient!
    Within minutes of slipping the Hollander Electronic Book DVD-ROM into your computer you'll be looking up parts. Powerful search capabilities help you find parts even with incomplete information and you'll have the advantage of a suite of time-saving and profit-enhancing features, including:
  • Wheel and Wheel Cover images:
    The Hollander Electronic Book gives you instant access to over 15,000 on-screen wheel and wheel cover images to visually identify the exact part you need and make the right sale every time.
  • Front End Images:
    The Hollander Electronic Book gives you instant access to over 10,900 on-screen front end images to visually identify the right vehicle and the right part you need. Verify grilles, headlamps, fenders, and other front end parts.
  • VIN Decoder:
    Just enter a VIN, or look up a VIN with partial information, to accurately identify any vehicle and its options! Get complete vehicle listing, including year, model, body style and engine in seconds. Updated coverage to 2015.
  • New! Expanded OE data coverage-Over 1,000,000 numbers included in your ID-Search with v3.10:
    Increase your sales opportunities by finding the right parts faster with the option to look up by either OE or Identification Numbers and match them to the right Hollander Interchange Numbers. With access to over 1,000,000 OE and Ident Numbers you’ll avoid "wrong part" returns.
  • Dismantling Worksheets:
    Streamline your dismantling process and work more accurately with timesaving pre-set vehicle worksheets.
  • New Features!
    Every edition of the Hollander Electronic Book contains new and improved information to help you streamline your business and improve customer service.

Order one today and put sales into overdrive.

What's Included:

  • eBook 3.10 DVD and access to Online Download
  • 1-year software license, requires annual renewal
  • eBook Models and Part Type posters
  • 24/7/365 online training center access
  • 1-year of Technical Support (requires minimum requirements are met)

Order one today and put sales into overdrive.

Minimum System Requirements:

Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8.1
CPU Pentium III MHz or 32 bit processor
Hard Disk (Free) 2.5 GB (w/images)
RAM Memory 512 MB RAM
Video Color VGA Monitor with screen resolution of 800x600 or greater, DVD-ROM 8X DVD-ROM drive
Printer N/A
Modem N/A