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85th QuickView Wheels and Wheel Covers DVD - Version 3.14

Format: DVD
Coverage: 1965 - 2019
Illustrations: 17,000+
Model: Foreign, Domestic, Light Trucks
Term: One year access to Wheel and Wheel Cover images from 1965 - 2019

Over 17,000 Wheels and Wheel Covers Just a Mouse-Click Away!

Which would you rather do?

A) Spend time thumbing through manuals searching for wheels and wheel covers?
B) Save time by instantly identifying them from over 17,000 clear, digitally-enhanced images right on your computer screen?

If you select B, then the QuickView Wheels and Wheel Covers DVD is for you! Manuals are great for mobility, but nothing can replace the speed and convenience of a computerized search. With QuickView everything you need to select and order replacement wheels and wheel covers resides on one convenient DVD, right on your computer, right at your fingertips.

Built for speed

With QuickView you work better, faster. QuickView provides instant access to the critical information necessary to identify parts and satisfy clients.

  • Find parts quickly and easily by Hollander Interchange number or model/year
  • Instantly identify wheels and wheel covers from thousands of digitally enhanced images
  • Access Interchange options and detailed notes conveniently grouped for even greater efficiency

Packed with information

QuickView provides more opportunities to sell existing inventory with the most current information available on interchangeable wheels and wheel covers. With QuickView, you're never more than a click away from:

  • 14,000+ clear images and detailed listings on thousands of foreign and domestic OEM wheels and wheel covers
  • Information-rich applications that include vehicle make, model, and year, and detailed notes and suggested retail price.
  • One year of comprehensive coverage of OEM wheels and wheel covers from 1970 to 2019.
  • Easy access to dimension information including wheel diameter and width, number of bolts, and bolt circle diameter for parts verification by size.

Plus the latest updates

With QuickView, you can be confident you won't miss any late model part sales. Thoroughly updated, the newest QuickView release gives you:

  • Increased options for replacing hard-to-find wheels and wheel covers
  • Help to your customers to save money on popular upgrades (Remember-satisfied customers translate into repeat sales)
  • Reduced delays or misunderstandings by using OEM and part identification numbers (where available) to communicate accurately with collision repairers and wholesalers.

Want to save time and sell more parts? Get QuickView, the industry's most comprehensive resource for interchangeable wheels and wheel covers!

Order today and put a new spin on wheel and wheel cover sales.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Pro / Windows 8.1 Pro / Windows 10 Pro
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.x +
Processor: Pentium Grade processor or equivalent (100 MHz recommended)
Monitor: Color VGA monitor with screen resolution of 640 x 480 pixels
Hardware: DVD-ROM drive
RAM: 32 MB of RAM minimum, 64 MB of RAM recommended
Hard Drive: Space minimum 300 MB