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83rd Edition Hollander Wheel Cover Manual

Format: 2 volumes
Coverage: 1965 - 2017
Illustrations: 2,000+
Model: Foreign, Domestic, Light Trucks

Wheel and Deal with Confidence

Quickly and accurately identify wheels covers with the 83rd Edition Hollander Wheel Cover Manual. With thousands of images at your fingertips, verify in seconds that you have the correct part. Plus, the manual keeps you current with the latest Hollander Interchange information for 2017 model vehicles.

Identify Wheel Covers at a Glance
The 83rd Edition helps you wheel in the business with:

  • First time coverage for new 2017 models
    Take advantage of your newest inventory by selling high value, late model parts without incurring costly delays.
  • Over 2,000 images
    Fully illustrated information for wheel covers.
  • Comprehensive coverage from 1965-2017
    Quickly access all interchangeable options for high-dollar late model cars and light trucks.
  • Over 7,000 Hollander Interchange applications
    Confidently order, receive, and sell the parts your customers need.
  • Foreign and domestic coverage
    Exhaustive OEM information for foreign and domestic vehicles.
  • Extensive detail helps minimize returns
    IIlustrated Hollander Interchange, OEM part numbers (where available), diameters, bolt holes, and more - all designed to make sure you sell the right part every time.

Sell More Parts with Updated Coverage
In addition to unmatched identification tools, the 83rd Edition Hollander Wheel Cover Manual contains the latest Hollander Interchange applications. You can confidently order, receive, and sell the recycled parts your customers need. The coverage includes:

  • Fully illustrated information for Part Type 570
  • Coverage 1965 - 2017.
  • Updated coverage for 2017 model year.
  • Detailed Hollander Interchange information on domestic and foreign vehicles.
  • Complete index shows notes, detailed variations.
  • Illustrated interchange includes wheel cover photos matched to corresponding interchange numbers.
  • Illustrations also include manufacturer prices and OEM part numbers, where available.
  • Dimensions shown, including diameter, width, number of bolt holes, bolt circle diameter, where available.

The best identification tools and latest Hollander Interchange make the 83rd Edition Hollander Wheel Cover Manual the most comprehensive resource ever.

Increase accuracy and cut down on returns with every job! Updated with all the most sought after parts and details on high-demand late model vehicles, the 83rd Edition Hollander Interchange Manual gives you all the information you need on hundreds of thousands of auto parts and their interchangeable equivalents.

Order now to inventory and sell more high value, late model parts!