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Hollander Interchange v78.03 Update CDROM Version v78.03

IMPORTANT: A valid license to the Powerlink™ Yard Management System is required for use of this product. This product will not install on any other system, or any stand-alone desktop or software program. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

The Hollander Interchange™ v78.03 Update release provides a database version update, which is integrated into the Powerlink computerized inventory system. Every edition contains new information to help recyclers using the POWERLINK YARD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM streamline their business and improve their service.

A Software Update may include the following content:

  • Vehicle Coverage – The newest information of interchangeability coverage, typically representing the current model year, or advanced indexing of high-demand vehicle models in the coming calendar year.
  • Part Type Coverage – Application indexing and user notes specific to interchanging parts between vehicles organized by form, function and fit.
  • Identification Numbers – Option codes, alternators, Fisher body codes, transmission IDs, axle ratios, engine IDs.
  • Manufacturing List Prices –The manufacturer’s recommended price for each part sold as new
  • Remarks – Hollander Interchange numbers may be remarked for several reasons:
    • A manufacturer supersedes an old part number with a new part number
    • Recyclers provide Hollander with interchange information not indicated by the manufacturer information
    • Corrections to previously released Hollander Interchange information
  • ID Decoder – Capable of converting many stamping, casting and tag numbers, National Auto Glass Specifications (NAGS), Modine, and many OE numbers into Hollander Interchange numbers.
  • Graphics – Certain software update versions contain changes to the Interchange stock image library for wheel, wheel cover, and front-end graphics.

About Hollander Interchange™

The Hollander Interchange is the standard catalog in the automotive recycling industry for vehicle and part identification for domestic and foreign vehicles and light trucks from 1965 to the present.  It provides a database of application listings for automobiles containing a part that interchanges with a referenced make and model.  In addition, it incorporates illustrations and graphics for wheel, wheel cover and front end.

The Interchange organizes a history of vehicles by manufacturer, make, and year and provides a cross-reference to a Hollander Interchange number, a proprietary indexing system to identify parts.  The result is a catalog of parts from vehicles that can be used interchangeably.